The Last Thought

Banner: N/A | Producer: Prashant Kamble | Director: Prashant Kamble | Screen Play: Prashant Kamble | Starring: Vinod Gawade, Renuka Bodhankar
A 40 years old man living with name Deep. He is a successful writer and an arrogant man. His parents died when he was teenager. From that time he used to live alone. He is a single (unmarried) man. At this stage of life he has some confusion regarding his thoughts. He writes for one reputed magazine as a columnist and also as a screenplay writer. His every column got great response from people. He has his own fan following. The people are always waiting for his article and give him valuable feedback to his mail on daily basis. Nowadays his life become very stressful not from work but from a confusion. The confusion is about Love. And he decided one thing, if he got the answer of his confusion and his acceptance works against his ego. Then he will not share his thought with people means he will stop writing. The last thought is not only the promise but also a commitment to itself.

Short Films

  • Aatm-Glani
    Title: Aatm-Glani
    Producer: Arunuj Films
    Director: Anuj Kumar Roy
    Screen Play: Shitanshu Arun
    Starring: Ajay Atal, Aroma, Shalu Ganeshan, Ram Kumar, Kundan Kumar
    Language: Hindi
  • Educated Bitiya
    Title: Educated Bitiya
    Producer: Isomaniac Films
    Director: Debiprasad
    Screen Play: N/A
    Starring: Surbhi Bharti, Surya Narayan, Jyoti Ranjan
    Language: Hindi
  • Vivaad
    Title: Vivaad
    Producer: Gyanarthi Media Department
    Director: N/A
    Screen Play: N/A
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Hindi
  • Oru Poi
    Title: Oru Poi
    Description: Oru Poi" is a Tamil Short film Starring "Aaranya kandam" and "Joker" fame Guru...
    Producer: Srini Aravamoudane, Umapathy.R, Pugazhvel.T. P
    Director: Kamalakannan.S
    Screen Play: Kamalakannan.S
    Starring: Guru Somasundaram, Aaranya Kandam
    Language: Tamil
  • The Last Thought
    Title: The Last Thought
    Description: A 40 years old man living with name Deep. He is a successful writer and an...
    Producer: Prashant Kamble
    Director: Prashant Kamble
    Screen Play: Prashant Kamble
    Starring: Vinod Gawade, Renuka Bodhankar
    Language: Marathi
  • Questions
    Title: Questions
    Description: The film talks about young boy suffering from a rare psychological disorder...
    Producer: Kuntal Paul
    Director: Kuntal Paul
    Screen Play: Kuntal Paul
    Starring: Kaushik Mukherjee, Jitanshu Sharma, Aparna Paul, Bilpab Bhowmich, Santu saha, Amit Ray, Bhaskar Ganguly, Pritam Pan
    Language: Bengali
  • Vaat (The Path)
    Title: Vaat (The Path)
    Description: What are you searching? Film start with this question. A Boy and a girl having...
    Producer: Rupesh Pawar, Swapnil Rasal
    Director: Prashant Kamble
    Screen Play: Prashant Kamble
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Marathi
  • Anamik (Anonymous)
    Title: Anamik (Anonymous)
    Description: A story of Job retired man who got a Anonymous gift from somebody. Can he find...
    Producer: Amol Jain
    Director: Amol Jain
    Screen Play: Amol Jain
    Starring: Ganesh Jaiswal, Aparna, Pallavi
    Language: Marathi
  • Cancer 71
    Title: Cancer 71
    Description: Cancer 71 is an independent film that aims to frame a discourse on the...
    Producer: Abhishek Talukder
    Director: Abhishek Talukder
    Screen Play: Abhishek Talukder
    Starring: Shyam Sundar Dhar, Pritha Banerjee
    Language: Bengali
  • Vaarasa (The Inheritance)
    Title: Vaarasa (The Inheritance)
    Description: RAHUL PAGARE, a young poor Dalit boy, after the demise of his father as a...
    Producer: Seamedu School of Media
    Director: Shreyas Chougule
    Screen Play: Rahul Garg
    Starring: Mahendra Walunj, Rachana Kakade, Samiksha, Kishor Waghmare
    Language: Marathi
  • Heal The World
    Title: Heal The World
    Producer: Shamsad Hasnine Rofy
    Director: Masum Syed
    Screen Play: Shamsad Hasnine Rofy
    Starring: Rakib Hossain Evon
    Language: Bengali
  • Pillaikari (Little Champ)
    Title: Pillaikari (Little Champ)
    Description: Short film is all about the awareness about the abortion
    Producer: Optimistic Production
    Director: Karthick
    Screen Play: Karthick
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Tamil
  • A Million Things
    Title: A Million Things
    Description: This film says about the travelling of an egg, and later due to luck the egg...
    Producer: CG Filmz
    Director: Viyaan Vishnu
    Screen Play: Viyaan Vishnu
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Malayalam
  • One Day
    Title: One Day
    Description: Digital takeover has been happening strongly.Soon everything will shift to...
    Producer: N/A
    Director: Pranjal Joshi
    Screen Play: Pranjal Joshi
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Hindi
  • A Second... To Eternity
    Title: A Second... To Eternity
    Description: This is a short story about a ballerina and the moment she broke her leg and...
    Producer: N/A
    Director: Ana Andonova
    Screen Play: Ana Andonova
    Starring: N/A
    Language: English