Kya Ye Nasha Kahe - Ehsaas ( 2018 )

Banner: tSAM Studio | Producer: N/A | Director: Sonal Hazarika | Screen Play: N/A | Starring: Vikram Gogoi, Panchi Patowary, Joydeep Paul
Second song from Ehsaas Series by Vikram Gogoi

Short Films

  • Aatm-Glani
    Title: Aatm-Glani
    Producer: Arunuj Films
    Director: Anuj Kumar Roy
    Screen Play: Shitanshu Arun
    Starring: Ajay Atal, Aroma, Shalu Ganeshan, Ram Kumar, Kundan Kumar
    Language: Hindi
  • Educated Bitiya
    Title: Educated Bitiya
    Producer: Isomaniac Films
    Director: Debiprasad
    Screen Play: N/A
    Starring: Surbhi Bharti, Surya Narayan, Jyoti Ranjan
    Language: Hindi
  • Vivaad
    Title: Vivaad
    Producer: Gyanarthi Media Department
    Director: N/A
    Screen Play: N/A
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Hindi
  • Oru Poi
    Title: Oru Poi
    Description: Oru Poi" is a Tamil Short film Starring "Aaranya kandam" and "Joker" fame Guru...
    Producer: Srini Aravamoudane, Umapathy.R, Pugazhvel.T. P
    Director: Kamalakannan.S
    Screen Play: Kamalakannan.S
    Starring: Guru Somasundaram, Aaranya Kandam
    Language: Tamil
  • The Last Thought
    Title: The Last Thought
    Description: A 40 years old man living with name Deep. He is a successful writer and an...
    Producer: Prashant Kamble
    Director: Prashant Kamble
    Screen Play: Prashant Kamble
    Starring: Vinod Gawade, Renuka Bodhankar
    Language: Marathi
  • Questions
    Title: Questions
    Description: The film talks about young boy suffering from a rare psychological disorder...
    Producer: Kuntal Paul
    Director: Kuntal Paul
    Screen Play: Kuntal Paul
    Starring: Kaushik Mukherjee, Jitanshu Sharma, Aparna Paul, Bilpab Bhowmich, Santu saha, Amit Ray, Bhaskar Ganguly, Pritam Pan
    Language: Bengali
  • Vaat (The Path)
    Title: Vaat (The Path)
    Description: What are you searching? Film start with this question. A Boy and a girl having...
    Producer: Rupesh Pawar, Swapnil Rasal
    Director: Prashant Kamble
    Screen Play: Prashant Kamble
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Marathi
  • Anamik (Anonymous)
    Title: Anamik (Anonymous)
    Description: A story of Job retired man who got a Anonymous gift from somebody. Can he find...
    Producer: Amol Jain
    Director: Amol Jain
    Screen Play: Amol Jain
    Starring: Ganesh Jaiswal, Aparna, Pallavi
    Language: Marathi
  • Cancer 71
    Title: Cancer 71
    Description: Cancer 71 is an independent film that aims to frame a discourse on the...
    Producer: Abhishek Talukder
    Director: Abhishek Talukder
    Screen Play: Abhishek Talukder
    Starring: Shyam Sundar Dhar, Pritha Banerjee
    Language: Bengali
  • Vaarasa (The Inheritance)
    Title: Vaarasa (The Inheritance)
    Description: RAHUL PAGARE, a young poor Dalit boy, after the demise of his father as a...
    Producer: Seamedu School of Media
    Director: Shreyas Chougule
    Screen Play: Rahul Garg
    Starring: Mahendra Walunj, Rachana Kakade, Samiksha, Kishor Waghmare
    Language: Marathi
  • Heal The World
    Title: Heal The World
    Producer: Shamsad Hasnine Rofy
    Director: Masum Syed
    Screen Play: Shamsad Hasnine Rofy
    Starring: Rakib Hossain Evon
    Language: Bengali
  • Pillaikari (Little Champ)
    Title: Pillaikari (Little Champ)
    Description: Short film is all about the awareness about the abortion
    Producer: Optimistic Production
    Director: Karthick
    Screen Play: Karthick
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Tamil
  • A Million Things
    Title: A Million Things
    Description: This film says about the travelling of an egg, and later due to luck the egg...
    Producer: CG Filmz
    Director: Viyaan Vishnu
    Screen Play: Viyaan Vishnu
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Malayalam
  • One Day
    Title: One Day
    Description: Digital takeover has been happening strongly.Soon everything will shift to...
    Producer: N/A
    Director: Pranjal Joshi
    Screen Play: Pranjal Joshi
    Starring: N/A
    Language: Hindi
  • A Second... To Eternity
    Title: A Second... To Eternity
    Description: This is a short story about a ballerina and the moment she broke her leg and...
    Producer: N/A
    Director: Ana Andonova
    Screen Play: Ana Andonova
    Starring: N/A
    Language: English